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08 August 2012 @ 03:15 pm
Making stories  
Elena O

One day mother, father and their small son decided to go to the forest at picnic. The day was warm, sunny. They took a lot of food with them. On the way to the forest the father smoked a pipe, the mother told them a funny story and their sun smiled. (or – was smoking, was telling, was smiling). When they came to the forest they saw a big, shady tree. The family decided to stay under this tree. But they were disappointed because there was much rubbish under the tree. But they didn’t give up hope to find the beautiful place for picnic. They went far in the forest and saw many green spruces. They liked this place and went there. But again they saw a dirty place. There were papers, bottles and this kind of stuff. For the third time they went to find some place for their picnic. ( for the third time the old man dropped the net into the sea))

They were angry and hungry. The mother and the father saw a hardwood tree. They ran there very quickly but they felt sad about this place. There was very dirty one. Finally they found a perfect place for the picnic. Parents put the tablecloth on the grass, put some food and drinks on the tablecloth. They were sitting around the tablecloth, were eating some food, were drinking some drinks and were pleased with their picnic. But when they finished their eating and went at home, they left much rubbish after themselves. It was a bad example for their son!

Natali Ignatova

There are  so many benches in the word. But every ordinary bench has its (?)  own story every day. There is the ordinary bench  in the city.  Lets call it The our bench. One day in the morning  the tramp woke up ON the our bench. He had run away  before a police caught him. After it very young and beautiful ladies  with their little children sat on  the our bench and chatted about high-society news. Later the adult children played on the our bench . They were imagining  that the our bench it is a big pirate ship and they must rescue hostages.

At 3 o’clock p.m. the old woman came in the park for chatting about terrible tv news.  after they had visited clinics They sent away the children and occupied the our bench.  At 6 p.m. a TV serials started and women left the park. But the our bench didn’t miss long. Very tired people after their job came here for rest. They were without mood and didn’t want to chat. In the evening situation changed. A Nice woman came here with her little dog. She was sitting and missing about shining future with a handsome man. The man came. They were happy to see each other and they decided to dream  about  future together on the our bench. They were not alone in their dreams. But night was finished and the new day came. And everything will repeat again for the our bench.